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AR augmented reality is the trend of development of science and technology, also on behalf of the people longing for the convenient life in the future, AR brings a new interactive experience vividly before, it will replace many things in the real world, bring the world of full subversion. As a professional 3D holographic display overall solution and AR VR technology, products and services in the field of eye technology company will rely on the rich experience and high efficiency of research and development efforts to achieve from the 3D industry practitioners, holographic open to the AR industry leader in transformation. Design of the top experience of AR glasses and VR products.

Augmented reality, In the magic eye.


Depth of field identification;

Spatial location;

Information enhancement;

Air gesture recognition;

Digi-Capital Predicted

AR market space will be far more than VR, is expected to 2020 VR/AR hardware and software market potential will reach $150 billion scale, which AR will account for $120 billion. Expected next 5 years compound growth rate of more than 100%;

Application scenarios of AR

What is VR?
Between the virtual reality of a mirror.
VR (Reality Virtual, namely virtual reality, referred to as VR) is a new and high technology in recent years, also known as the spirit of the environment technology or artificial environment. Is the use of computer simulation to generate a three-dimensional space of the virtual world, through the simulation of the senses, so that users such as immersive, can be timely without restrictions on the observation of three-dimensional space.

VR video appreciation

VR Magic Eye
The smallest, lightest, dual, monocular 2K!
3D viewing / immersive Games / panoramic view of the scene.