Magic Eye P1

8.4 inch 3D holographic plate

Cool   in the end   to do   my own

I will draw a pair of wings on the back, so that I can fly.

I knowI'm not the same as them!

they say I'm "cool"

I say this is "true color"

said to want to say

do want to do

3D holographic technique

3D Holographic  +  Eye-Tracking

because I like the truth, I only see 3D movie.

they say I Bigger high, a little smile,

I know, , I'm not the same as


focused 3D holographic display technology more than 10 years

don't care about other people's eyes, because "cool" need strength.

they are too late to catch up,

I know, , I'm not the same as


2K Naked eye 3D display screen   Relaxed andpro environment

the world is too complicated, I want to watch the clouds,

they say I'm too seriously, "nature" should not be so?

I know, , I'm not the same as them!


8.4 inchesLCD screen

Resolving power


Pixel density up to


4K Video experience   very“cow”

I play they have not seen, and I together they are very lucky.

they say I "cow", say me 666,

I know, , I'm not the same as

3D video
3D game
3D pictures
3D share

customized for Magic eye P1

Decode 4K Video driver    Enjoy life and enjoy life visualfeast

Equipped with can decode 4K video hardware, combined with 2K display and naked eye 3D technology, to restore the true color,

The pixels of the image more delicate HD 3D video game.

powerful RK3288 4 core processor    Throughspeedand passion

K3288Processor is a quad core 1.8GHz processor based on Cortex-A17 architecture,

960 million pixels per second to complete the filling operation,

Whether it is the start of APP, Ultra HD video or play a large 3D game, running more smoothly, the response is more efficient.

T764 4GPU graphics processor    Rival AppleA7 GPU

With the naked eye 2K color display screen, see 3D movie play 3D how can less the graphics processor is good,

This architecture also fully supports the Enlighten global real-time light technology, dynamic light effect as the quality of the film, so you always enjoy the desktop like console gaming experience.




802.11ac Super fast wifi    to the Internet Non-stop experience

Speed up to 700M, to provide the transmission speed of 1Gb/s

I love fashion, friends said that I was a "boom", the love of home network, watch 3D movies, playing 3D games and love new things..,

I love more perfect, they do not understand me, slow as a snail, I prefer to go bungee jumping,

I know, , I'm not the same as them!




Dual band 802.11ac

Wide-angle HD shooting    Second catch play Cool vision

2 good camera, so you have a new camera experience

lens, the more broad exciting picture of intake of your vision, super large aperture let night shoot more freely


OV 5 million Pixel camera
100° Ultra wide angle

Rear camera

OV 8830 camera
800万 px
F2.0 Super large aperture

The lastingpower    of escort

Large battery + low power + software optimization = lasting life

K3288 performance is strong, but the power consumption is not large, is the other same level processor power consumption 1/4 ,

Further enhance the 5000mAh Magic eye P1 lithium ion polymer battery life。

3D game

5~6 hour

3D video

5~8 hour

Music Player

60 hour

Standby time

900 hour

the strength of the faction   Visible mind

volume keys and power keys using aluminum alloy material, CNC precision machining process,

makes the key process and rebound strength moderate, feel simply.

graphite chip cooling program, effectively solve the heat dissipation problem of high performance chip.

Fine cut    Noble texture

rear fuselage with noble and elegant champagne gold bright white,

surface fine silk pattern, feel comfortable

Product parameters

display screen

Screen material
IPS Fully fit ultra clear retina screen
Screen size
8.4 inch (diagonal) screen
Resolving power
2560*1600 pixel resolution ,360ppi


Model RK3288 Quad core 1.8G
Model Mail-T764,600MHz


High speed flash memory
Storage card
Support 128G extension

Multimedia play

Music Player
support AAC,MP3、WAV、 WMA、
Video play
Play 2D video support 4K, play 3D video support 4K
Picture play
Support JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP format


Lithium ion polymer

Network support

Dual band 802.11AC
Bluetooth 4.0

Photo and video

Rear camera
8 million pixels
Front camera
5 million pixels
Video shot
Support 1080p (1920x1080) HD camera

A sensor

Gravity sensor
Light Sensor
Electronic compass

Packaging material

Tablet hosts, power adapter, data lines, three packs of credentials, Getting Started Guide

cool is the appearance   /   Connotation is true

I know, we're not the same as you.