the 1st holographic smart phone in the world

3D holographic display   air touch   eye tracing

Support holographic applications like holographic video,

holographic games and holographic pictures, etc.

Enjoy stereoscopic film without 3D glasses

Provide full-view 3D holographic display

and excellent stereo vision with no dizziness

Outstanding Performance. Live up to the name and awards.

Innovation Award in 2015 CES

(the only awarded smartphone in China mobile phone industry)


IF Design Award (famous as the The Oscars in the world of product design)

Resolution amazingly greater than 4K screen

The innovative 3D holographic screen endows Magic eye with the ability to compete with the world high-cost holographic technology.

A 3D holographic screen of 5.5’’ FHD 1920X1080px and the MiraVision technology of UHD smart TV level

make Magic eye an outstanding screen display,a high screen brightness and a robust visual effect.

Make air touch a reality

Air touch function is first initiated by Magic eye.

The build-in camera could precisely identify and catch hand gestures within the detection range.

Therefore, operations like screen unlock,

phone call answer and game playing could be done by air touch function,

which starts a new era of human-computer interaction.

Besides, “space eye”, a wireless bluetooth,

is equipped to enhance the connection between the mobile phone and air touch module,

making air touch function more sensitive and with no delay.

This also helps make a slick holographic mobile phone games,

and helps form a golden view angle when you feel tired and put the mobile phone on the desk.

Break through the end of design technology, for a better feeling of hand hold

Adopt 3D diamond metal edge trimming technology

For a better hand holding experience, 3D diamond metal edge trimming technology is adopted in Magic eye’s integrated framework.

This is realized through 35 processes of careful polishing and NMT technique by a multiaxis CNC machine.

The body of Magic eye betrays the beauty of metal texture, and by using aerometal and employing surface processing,

the thermal conductivity is 2.1 times that of magnesium alloy and 7.4 times that of stainless steel, and the body temperature reduces by 20% .

Bionic Technology

Bionic technology is adopted in the making of a fine and skin-like rear cover of Magic eye.

This makes the texture finer than usual mobile phone and strikes a balance between being smooth and coarse.

This technology also contributes to a better anti-sliding and anti finger print performance.

Your hand could mould to the slight curve of the phone’s rear cover,enjoying a perfect feeling of hand hold.

Photographing at SLR level, record every second’s beauty

SONY® IMX214 Exmor RS™ Stacked CMOS sensor, 5P tailor-made lens, 13 mega pixels and F/2.0 aperture in rear camera is equipped in Magic eye.

LED intelligent lighting makes it possible that in dark environment the camera could also record the real scene and produce ideal pictures.

The 5 mega pixels front-facing camera adopts 100° ultra-wide-angle SONY camera, which increases the angle of view by 50%.

Real Octa-Core Life and CPU go hand in hand

MTK6592T real octa-core CPU is used in Magic eye, in which there is a performance-high, power consumption-low GPU Cortex-A7, bring impetus to the system’s working.

All these makes you go hand in hand with the CPU to enjoy the 3D media playing.

World largest open platform of holographic application

Android 4.4 based TOS system is used in Magic eye. TOS is also incorporated in Cloud Cube,

which includes holographic pictures, 3D videos, holographic games, holographic applications etc.

TOS also provides classified functions like 3D player, holographic exhibition, holographic zone etc. making your life more enjoyable.

Holographic Applications     Experience 3D in full view

Cloud Cube APP/3D holographic player

Cloud Cube is designed for Magic eye’s holographic products. It integrates numerous 3d applications, 3D games, on-line 3D videos, etc. making a world largest open platform of holographic application.

T market

Secure applications close at hand

As a service platform peculiar to Magic eye, T market is targeted at leisure, games and entertainment, and is devoted to to discover the funnest Android applications and games.

In T market, you can download the most popular games and APPs free of charge.

All these Apps and games are secured by both professional anti-virus software and security software.