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Magic eye technology with dayHR sublimation management

        In 2015, the domestic film market to produce the best results in recent 5 years. In view of the weak rally this year, many people pessimistic forecast: 2016 box office or breakout hopeless. Unexpectedly, "Dr. Billy", "strange" Lynn quality 3D film finishing touches, the domestic box office this month 13 days to break the 40 billion mark.

        "3D rescue" theory perhaps some exaggeration, but through the glasses 3D, naked eye, holographic technology, representation of three-dimensional beauty in the screen, more and more recognized by the public. Recently, the "father of Afanda" James Cameron said "Afanda" sequel or the first to achieve the naked eye 3D, is startled audience screaming.

        Support 3D video is booming industry downstream of a number of fun stereo display equipment VR AR wave technology strength manufacturers. Shenzhen magic eye Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as: magic eye Technology) is one of the representatives. In the outside world, leading the eye technology, launched the world's first holographic mobile phone 3D, CES in the United States and Germany IF shine, 3D industry is the bright younger generation. In fact, in addition to products, magic eye technology with information management, promote the reform of management is also commendable.
       And many start-up companies, after the magic eye technology has also been extensive management mode disturbed:
        The use of Excel statistics, the table is more difficult to manage, the key is from the company, the basic office";

        Leaders do not present here, document processing efficiency is low, centralized treatment, the boss is also a big head;

        Department structure is complex, internal communication and cooperation is difficult, lack of staff centripetal force;

        Lack of convenient way to convey information......
        In this regard, company executives and employees have to "learn be pestered beyond endurance, thought". Startups in this way, in the early management of this information has been relatively weak!". Employees often encounter Tucao, this shield unconsciously carry out.

        But start-ups of identity, lack of information is the "original sin". According to the eye of science and technology human resources manager Liu said: the company is aware of this demand, but half will not find a suitable tool, plus the current operation and management, product promotion, human and other costs are rising, to streamline the budget, to Qinliqinwei, can only try to bite the bullet. Management tool purchasing plan on hold down.
        Li Li, director of strategic network strategy Yang Zhicheng (left 3) line and magic eye technology products and application director Xu Xiaobin (right 3) and other photos
        Such experience in September this year, the registration of the use of the network's only product - the talent capital management cloud platform dayHR, finally reversed.
        DayHR on September 2014 released in Beijing on the line, the first generation of fourth mobile Internet enterprise application model, the initial realization of the HR full career cycle function coverage. After 2 years of development, product maturity is higher, but also more and more welcomed by the majority of enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises. As of mid October this year, just before the announcement of the user data is settled in the enterprise 17.9, about 22000000 platform users in. 2 years to achieve such a large user increments in the industry is considered a leader.

        The initial contact with the dayHR, the eye of the science and technology high hopes, soon began to reform the human resource management: employee information will make snap into the cloud, the full realization of the electronic personnel files; the Web terminal, the mobile terminal integration office, to facilitate the transfer of personnel records, staff approval documents; in one time, the great liberation of labor the end of the past, bitter history "Dundian approval process to go"; to build a communication platform of enterprises and employees, employees to meet the internal communication, information transmission and direct demand through business circle announcement......

       2 months of practice shows that: to optimize human resources management, there is no high threshold, the time and cost is also very low. But for the majority of start-ups, the early implementation of information management, through efficient operation, standardized management, to build the core competitiveness, it is easier to get the first advantage.

       Because the degree of standardization of dayHR products is high, easy to use, registered not long, staff management, attendance, tasks and holidays approval, corporate announcements, social security wage query functions has been popularized in the eye of the whole company within the scope of science and technology. The efficient and smooth management process, so that the job satisfaction of employees increased significantly, the core members have been able to concentrate on business development, the company has laid a solid foundation for the implementation of the development strategy.
Magic eye technology CEO Tan Geoff guest enterprise services ecosystem Summit
        Affected by this favorable factors, magic eye technology CEO Tan Geoff also guest 2016 enterprise class service ecosystem summit and just before the B round of financing conference. On the meeting, optimistic, he made no secret of the SaaS application and network to ecological layout and said: let the ecological enterprises grow better, it is a real value and the social responsibility of the enterprise to do. This, and only pursue agree without prior without previous consultation "let the world is not difficult to engage in management" and "continue to create value for customers" and the concept of partnership.

          According to reports: in addition to the applicability of the product, and daydao interactive advantage, price advantage, word of mouth spread is also an important reason for dayHR to attract the attention of the magic eye HR. In addition, the rationale for the network in the whole process of docking magic eye science and technology, adhere to one to one professional services, the problem of timely and efficient solution, which won a lot of goodwill. This is different from the past, a hammer trading products and services, fully reflects the rationale for the network's high attention to the customer.
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